Robert Andrew Norman, Zach Hoag, Zachary Thomas Settle


Zachary Thomas Settle:  Feeling for Justice: Season 5, Episode 12 Last night’s Breaking Bad episode, “Rabid Dog,” picks up right where the previous episode left off: with Jesse dousing Walt’s house in gasoline. This episode, though, begins with Walt’s perspective, and we watch in eager anticipation as he frantically searches for Jesse. The most interesting […]

Geoffrey Holsclaw

Justice and the New Universalism

The universalism debate has been kicked up a bit again, at least in my corner of the ‘interweb’.  Responding to Lauren Winner’s essay on Rob Bell in the New York Times Book Review, Jamie Smith questions the “hope” and “imagination” of popular universalists (see also Paul Griffiths response to the same article).  Kicking the universalist […]

Michael W. Austin

Football, Fame, and Fortune

The value of football is found not in fame and fortune, but rather in the potential it provides for cultivating moral and athletic excellence.