Jerilyn Sambrooke

Posing Foolish Questions: What Is Literature?

A Review of Jacques Rancière’s Mute Speech Jerilyn Sambrooke “There are some questions we dare no longer pose.” Jacques Rancière, Mute Speech Jacques Rancière’s bold challenge opens Mute Speech (1998), one of his most rigorous works on aesthetics, only just recently published in English (2011).  In this opening claim, Rancière echoes the famous, elusive question […]

Tripp York

Books and God(s)

I’ve been asked to teach a Religion and Literature course next semester. I cannot tell you how much this excites me. Seriously, I’m quite amped. The only thing difficult about this course, thus far, is trying to narrow down the list of possible books. It’s overwhelming. The question revolves not so much around what I […]

Chad Lakies

2 More CFPs on Religion, Literature, Culture and the Arts

The International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture has just listed two new CFPs for conferences in 2012. The Society’s annual conference, hosted in Copenhagen in 2012, will focus on “Cultures in Transition: Presence, Absence, Memory.” Here is the link to the Society’s new webpage where all the CFP info is located: The 8th […]