Dominique Ovalle, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

I Love You: An Interview with Dominique Ovalle

An interview with California artist Dominique Ovalle on painting, beauty, murals, cockroaches in Palau, and a reality behind life as an artist.

L. Roger Owens

Pray as You Can, Not as You Can’t: Exploring a Prayer Slogan

John Chapman once advised followers to “pray as you can, and do not try to pray as you can’t,” as a way of encouraging both freedom from the way others say we should pray as well as direction from someone who lives well a life of prayer.

Matthew E. Henry

Say the Love of God is an Addiction

In the poem, MEH considers the draws of appetite and desire, for both food and God, as “sometimes sweet, often bitter…(a) blind rage which pursues us through the day…”