Daniel P. Rhodes

Mittopian Dreams

From Dan Rhodes :: Editor-in-Chief. In a recent interview, Mitt Romney once again displayed how sore a loser he is by emphatically declaring that had he been elected president he would be doing a much better job than Obama. It is clear that his ego is matched only by his inability to conceive of things not […]

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Joyce Polance

Quiet Storms: The Paintings of Women by Joyce Polance

A look at recent work from artist Joyce Polance, who explores through female nude figurative paintings the emotional curvature and complexity of women in friendship and life together.

Erika Vogt, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll

An art installation by Los Angeles artist Erika Vogt that combines pulleys, plaster, found objects, drawings, and videos to create tension between our understanding of objects and to challenge prescribed art-making systems.

Alissa Wilkinson

Brunch and Foolishness

Writer Alissa Wilkinson reflects on the brunching habits she learned from living in New York City, and the sacredness of eating together.

Katie Kresser

The Real Jeff Koons: Consumer Culture and the Grammar of Desire

In 1980 the young artist Jeff Koons presented his first major solo exhibition, a window installation at New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art, titled, appropriately, The New. Alongside hermetically sealed vitrines showcasing “ready-made”1 household appliances like a New Hoover Deluxe Rug Shampooer and a New Shelton Wet/Dry 10 Gallon, there were images: meticulously reproduced […]