Kyle David Bennett

Hominis Deus

The following is a guest post by Kyle David Bennett. Kyle is a recent PhD graduate from Fuller Seminary in philosophy of religion and philosophical theology. Before moving to NYC last year he taught philosophy at Azusa Pacific University and theology and ethics at Providence Christian College. He now teaches religion at The King’s College. […]

Bruce Benson

Book Symposium: Liturgy as a Way of Life (Benson’s Response to Phillips)

Following up on Monday’s opening review of Bruce Ellis Benson’s Liturgy as a Way of Life by Ed Phillips, Bruce offers his response below. —————- First, I want to thank Ed Phillips for such a thoughtful response to my book. It’s always a pleasure to respond to reviewers who have interacted with one’s work at […]

Tripp York

Five Questions with L.D. Russell

L.D. Russell is a man of many talents–the kind of talents better left unspoken. He teaches in the Religious Studies Department at Elon University in the illustrious town of Elon, North Carolina. His book Godspeed: Racing is My Religion details the life of a man obsessed with a religious culture’s obsession with NASCAR. He’s also the […]

Brent Adkins

How (Not) to Think about Death: A Meditation on Life

This essay argues that although it is common in contemporary philosophy to claim that the ineluctability of death entails its internality, thinking of death as ineluctable and external is much more fruitful.