Marina Hofman

Retelling Hagar’s Story: Reading Trauma in Genesis 16

My husband and I were in a head-on vehicle collision north of Toronto on Highway 69 at a combined speed of about 125 miles per hour. We survived what was a fatal crash for the driver who hit us, but I was diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder, suffered a brain injury, experienced significant physical injuries, […]

Schuy R. Weishaar

The Dyslexic Jew

I A dilapidated yellow ice cream truck parked outside the fenced microwave tower, about a mile outside the tiny township of Cisco, Illinois. Aside from the few silver grain silos and the blinking elevator at the Co-op in town, the buzzing tower was the only vertical sign of human progress in the expanse of corn, […]

Christopher J. H. Wright

The “Righteous Rich” in the Old Testament

The Old Testament recognizes that riches can be gained through wickedness and oppression, but it also teaches and exemplifies that those to whom God grants more than ordinary wealth can and should make use of it in ways that are righteous before God, both in attitude and in practice.

Baron Miller

The Accused: An Old Testament Hermeneutic of John 8: 1–11

It is my experience in pastoral care and counseling that the issue of sexual sin is common among both men and women. All too often people are accused, either rightly or wrongly, of sexual sin and the effects of society’s perception of these people can be quite damaging. Illicit sexual experiences, sexual assault, and false […]