Paul Arnold

Finding Our Feel for the Game

Paul Arnold demonstrates that if there is any meaning to be found in sports, it is to be found because of the body, not in spite of it.

Bryne Lewis

Boredom and the Possibility of Community

Several years ago, I had the privilege of serving as a Eucharistic minister in a small church community in upstate New York. I had come to the Episcopal Church as an adult after a childhood spent in evangelical congregations of varying degrees of fundamentalism. My mother was a converted Catholic and preferred the emphasis these […]

Chad Lakies

Upcoming Book Symposium – DeRoo: Futuriity in Phenomenology

Next week we begin a new book discussion with some fantastic philosophers who are also wonderful gifts to the church.Their work in itself challenges the ecclesia in profound ways, but also draws from the deep wells of philosophical thinkers who themselves, may or may not drink from the water of life that Christ gives, yet […]

J. Aaron Simmons

Philosophy and Theology . . . “Analytic” or Not

By J. Aaron Simmons (Furman University, Department of Philosophy) –   The following are thoughts inspired by the vigorous discussion that recently occurred on Roger E. Olson’s blog. Olson instigated the discussion by commenting that philosophy and theology are distinct disciplines due to the way in which “special revelation” is used by theology, but […]

Chad Lakies

CFP: Special issue of RELIGIONS on “Theology and Phenomenology”

Of interest to readers might be this CFP for an upcoming issue of Religions on “Theology and Phenomenology.” The following Special Issue will be published in Religions (ISSN 2077-1444, and is now open to receive submissions of full research papers and comprehensive review articles for peer-review and possible publication: Special Issue: Theology and Phenomenology […]