Carl Raschke

“There Are No Jobs” – Common Fallacies and Facts About Getting an Academic Job in Religion or Theology

The study of religion, though far younger than many of its counterparts in the humanities, is now an established and well-recognized academic field. The American Academy of Religion(AAR), its flagship professional society, has expanded tenfold in the past half century from a fledgling association of mainline Protestant divinity school professors and college chaplains to a […]

David A. Garner

The Briefing 5.2.14

Each Friday we compile a list of interesting links and articles our editors find from across the web. Here’s what’s catching our eye this week. This week Biola University hosted an interesting conversation on the Future of Protestantism (video). The Times reviews a Barbara Ehrenreich book that was featured in past Briefings: “Living With a Wild […]

J. Aaron Simmons

Philosophy and Theology . . . “Analytic” or Not

By J. Aaron Simmons (Furman University, Department of Philosophy) –   The following are thoughts inspired by the vigorous discussion that recently occurred on Roger E. Olson’s blog. Olson instigated the discussion by commenting that philosophy and theology are distinct disciplines due to the way in which “special revelation” is used by theology, but […]

David E. Fitch, Tim Soerens

Master Signifiers and the Survival of Evangelicalism: An Interview with David Fitch

In his latest book, “The End of Evangelicalism?”, pastor and professor David E. Fitch explores the possibility of evangelicalism surviving, in some form, throughout the 21st century.  Fitch utilizes the philosophy of Slavoj Žižek to deconstruct what many evangelicals hold most dear–inerrancy of Scripture, the decision for Christ, and belief that the U.S. is a […]

Brad Elliott Stone

Glenn Beck and the Order of Discourse

This essay is neither for nor against Glenn Beck. The philosopher Michel Foucault warns us to be suspicious of proper names because they tempt us to ascribe agency to the person instead of to the overall flow of discourse, knowledge, and power out of which the person emerges as an agent. I seek to provide […]

Geoffrey Holsclaw

“Badiou and Theology”: a not so micro-review

Frederiek Depoortere, Badiou and Theology (Philosophy and Theology). New York: T&T Clark International, 2009. Below is my review of Depoortere’s recent book on Badiou.  For a less favorable review see Clayton Crocket’s over at NDPR (he sees it as incoherent, but I think this broadly has to do with differing theological outlooks).  I would be […]