Lauren Frances Evans

Becoming Two

Lauren Frances Evans contemplates the significance of the placenta and the creative act, examining her role as artist, mother, and person of faith.

Roger Feldman


A presentation of the stonework installation ekko by Seattle-based artist Roger Feldman, who created this site-specific work as a call-and-response piece to Freswick Castle in Scotland, the grounds upon which the piece exists.

Jen Grabarczyk-Turner, Shelia Rogers

A Beguiling Aesthetic: Shelia Rogers and Her Oceans of Plastic

An exploration of the exhibit Oceans of Plastic by artist Shelia Rogers, who cleverly works with plastic and other found material she has collected over years of beachcombing in an effort to raise awareness of a challenging global situation.

Daniel P. Rhodes

Mittopian Dreams

From Dan Rhodes :: Editor-in-Chief. In a recent interview, Mitt Romney once again displayed how sore a loser he is by emphatically declaring that had he been elected president he would be doing a much better job than Obama. It is clear that his ego is matched only by his inability to conceive of things not […]

Erika Vogt, Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

Stranger Debris Roll Roll Roll

An art installation by Los Angeles artist Erika Vogt that combines pulleys, plaster, found objects, drawings, and videos to create tension between our understanding of objects and to challenge prescribed art-making systems.

Kali Wagner

Tillers of the Ground

In Kali Wagner’s poem, two mourning women become potters, the dirt of their sons’ graves “dusting the house” of their grief.

Brett David Potter, Thomas Turner

Edible Sculpture: Cake Boss and Mortality in Food Art

The hit reality TV show Cake Boss is about more than the stressful life of the baker at a celebrated New Jersey bakery: it shows that food can be art, and in food art there is the characteristic of humanity’s mortality.

Katie Kresser

The Real Jeff Koons: Consumer Culture and the Grammar of Desire

In 1980 the young artist Jeff Koons presented his first major solo exhibition, a window installation at New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art, titled, appropriately, The New. Alongside hermetically sealed vitrines showcasing “ready-made”1 household appliances like a New Hoover Deluxe Rug Shampooer and a New Shelton Wet/Dry 10 Gallon, there were images: meticulously reproduced […]