Gail Tyson

Speak, Silence

Gail Tyson explores how unplanned events illuminate our lives.

Laura Lynn Brown

Learning to Pray

Laura Brown strings together snippets of memory from the “ragtag communities” that have taught her how to stitch her own “book of common prayers.”

Timothy McGee

Bearing the Silence: On James Baldwin and Prayer

Through an examination of the role of silence in James Baldwin’s novel Go Tell It on the Mountain, this paper explores how prayer can open up life within and beyond a racist, oppressive social order.

Jeffrey Overstreet

The Onion drops the jokes: Publishes the hard truth on "Couples Retreat"

I was going to do my best to ignore the latest package of excrement labeled “American comedy”… the “film” called Couples Retreat. But then The Onion made it worth mentioning, by taking this opportunity to speak out more truthfully than any other film-review source on the sorry state of big-screen comedy in America. Vince Vaughn […]