Chelle Stearns, Shelly Rambo

The Spirit’s Witness: An Interview with Shelly Rambo

Christian theologies of suffering often move too quickly to redemption, but in this interview with Shelly Rambo, she advocates a theology that remains in the ambiguous middle space between life and death, bearing witness to how trauma lingers in human experience.

Brigid Andrews

Naming the Animals

Brigid Andrews writes about the trauma of birthing and postpartum depression.

Bryne Lewis

What the Body Knows

Each spring a kind of anxious waiting sets in. I never catch it in the approach, but only after it has congealed into a distinct and concrete mood. Over the last several years, my family has suffered trauma in spring as regular as the change of the season: a life-threatening accident, a divorce, my father’s […]

Bryne Lewis

Those Which were Possessed by Devils

Pop-culture, Demons and Philosophy Recently, I enlisted a friend to see The Conjuring with me. The movie claims to be based on real events, which seems to be a standard feature for these types of films, and depicts the haunting of a family upon moving into a new home with a grisly past, yet another […]