Cara Strauss

Huddled against Death

Mourning death is dramatically different around the world, as is the care people need in the face of death.

Lambert Zuidervaart

Earth’s Lament: Suffering, Hope, and Wisdom

This essay proposes a philosophy that is committed to truth and passionate for comprehensive wisdom, one that expresses suffering out of hope for God’s future.

Brad Davis

Praise Him

In this poem, Brad Davis attends to feelings of faith and doubt that swim through tragedy’s aftermath.

Marjorie Maddox

Rough Drafts

In this short story, Marjorie Maddox provides an insightful and poetic look into the lives of people with masochistic pathologies, people who when “eating an apple [bite] right into the bruise” and can’t help but perpetuate relational and psychological self-harm.

Chuck DeGroat

From Kleenex Theology to Messy Spirituality

I don’t do suffering well. In fact, I despise suffering. My daughter’s tears bring out the worst in me. My first thought is “How do I fix this?” It’s easily translated into pastoral care or clinical counseling. “What should I say?” “How can I help?” I’ve been habituated to respond to suffering with answers. It’s […]