Nathan Booth

The Power of Blackness: True Detective

 At all events, perhaps no writer has ever wielded this terrific thought with greater terror than this same harmless Hawthorne. Still more: this black conceit pervades him, through and through. You may be witched by his sunlight,–transported by the bright gildings in the skies he builds over you;–but there is the blackness of darkness beyond; […]

Nathan Booth

Ten Notes on "Elementary"; or, Why Can't I Love It?

I So CBS’s Elementary has been running for a while, and I keep meaning to catch up with it and give it a proper review—“this works,” “this doesn’t”—the whole nine yards. And yet, somehow, I can’t manage to keep up. I watched the pilot—sampled an episode or two—and yet, Thursday after Thursday passes and I […]

Joshua Busman

Interpreting Sea Change

  This has been a rough six weeks for all us progressives living in North Carolina. Back on May 8th, we became the 31st state in the union to restrict the rights of same-sex couples through a constitutional “marriage” amendment (NC Amendment One), and this week the state legislature voted to allow “fracking,” a largely untested […]

Brett David Potter

Season Finales and the End of Days

Several recent posts on both mediation and The Other Journal have focused on the apocalypse and spectre of eschatological judgment. Indeed, the End of Days seems to be in the air at the moment, especially considering our recent cultural experience of the “delay of the parousia” when to the ridicule of North American news media […]

Brett David Potter

The Revelation will not be Televised

I may have to add a proviso or two to my earlier, Baudrillard-heavy reading of the Royal Wedding. Watching it on PVR the next day (having opted not to get up at 3 am for the talking heads) the whole production turned out to be – as one might perhaps reasonably expect from a wedding […]

Kelly Hickman

Mini-Mediation: Wild Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen has made headlines this week with his no-longer-exclusive ABC interview on 20/20 in which his extremely odd behavior was sort of funny, mostly pathetic, slightly frightening. Sheen appeared with his two “goddesses” (girlfriends) and spoke about a variety of self-involved topics, such as “winning” and being on a drug called “Charliesheen.” Awesome–literally, “so […]

Brian Bennett

Christmas, Community, & Meaning

The search for meaning in Community’s Christmas episode is perhaps a model for Christian witness and sharing of the search for truth.

Laurie D. Russell

Redefining Beauty

This essay explores the origins of our definitions of beauty.