Myles Werntz

Rethinking Visibility: Church, Repentance, and 9/11

Christians are called to be present with our neighbors in times of violence, but such presence requires more than a nod to solidarity or a word of encouragement here or there—being present requires repenting of our past failures of witness and allowing that repentance to shape us.

Kj Swanson

The Bruises of Bella Swan: Confronting the Evangelical Embrace of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga, Part III

See Part I of this essay series, in which Swanson begins her analysis of evanglical responses to the Twilight series by examining Twilight’s false message of abstinence, and Part II, in which she critiques New Moon’s portrayal of men as “protectors” and women as “perpetual, self-sacrificing victims.” Here in Part III, Swanson examines the dangerous sexual dynamic between Edward […]