“If the Devil is Six, then God is Seven”

Oh, Frankie boy, you have certainly written your fair share of odd little ditties. That’s why you’re such a genius. The particular song in question (the lyrics referenced in the title of this post are from The Pixies song Monkey Gone to Heaven) reminds me of so much that probably has nothing to do with this song. Apparently, it deals with the “human interaction between the divine and the environment” (both words being so thoroughly vacant that they can... Read More

The Non-Existence of Evil, Free Thinking, and Kant’s Love Child

I’ve found that one of the more interesting theological claims made by historical Christianity is in relation to the so-called problem of evil. Traditionally speaking, evil is not a significant problem in classical Christian thought because evil does not exist. In short, as I am sure you are well aware, the claim is that evil is not substantive–it is not material. Evil is a privation, a lack of the good (privatio boni). It is not tangible. It is, as Augustine suggested,... Read More

Hip, Chest, or Ankle?

I found this after being “inspired” by a bumper sticker saying, “Keep your hands off my Bible, Guns, and Values.” This does raise a significant theological question: Where does Jesus keeps his holster?  Read More