Reboot: Church and Pomo Restarted

We hope readers both old and new will find a new energy as the Church and Postmodern Culture conversation migrates to the hospitable environs of The Other Journal.  For the last several years we’ve pointed back-and-forth to one another; our new location here solidifies that partnership.  We’re grateful for this new home and hope to be another catalyst for the important conversations that The Other Journal is fostering.

You will find new energy here at churchandpomo due to the behind-the-scenes work of longtime coordinator Geoff Holsclaw who is now partnering with a new coordinator, Chad Lakies.  Like Geoff, Chad works at the intersection of engaged ministry and theological reflection informed by continental theory.  Both of them have been scheming about how to revivify the discussions here beyond book reviews and symposia–to engage in more hands-on cultural analysis and more concrete discussions at the intersection of theory and practice.  So while you’ll continue to find engagement with books worth discussing, count on seeing much more than that: contributions from a political theology seminar, pointers to helpful resources, engagements with film and television, and much more.

The Church and Postmodern Culture aims to be a “big tent” conversation, not a party-line echo chamber.  So expect disagreements and diverse perspectives.  Join us in the comments, and let us know what you want to see.

This week, watch for a book giveaway as we re-launch.  In the meantime, point your friends to our new location and join the conversation.

  • Eric Kyte

    Just read this – mis-read one of the final lines as ‘expect disagreements and divine perspectives’ – hope it was a prophetic mis-reading :)

    Grace and Peace to you

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  • Akas75

    I realise now this is not churchandporno. Phew.