Gett: The The Trial of Viviane Amsalem (Roni and Shlomi Elkabetz, 2014)

Gett 2

Gett is the end of a series of films about the failed marriage of the Amsalems. In To Take A Wife (2004) and 7 Days (2008), Viviane is already desperate to leave their marriage, which has grown cold over differences in observance of Jewish law, tradition, and Elisha’s efforts to conserve his Moroccan heritage. These films are all dense with conversation and cultural detail, often moving so quickly between Elisha’s Arabic, French, and Hebrew that it is easy to miss the cultural drama between feminism and Israeli orthodoxy playing out in the background.

A “gett” is a document that signifies a legally effective consent in Jewish law. Without a get, the husband and wife may not remarry, and the individual rights of a wife are still bound to law applicable to married women. And a get can only ever be offered by the husband. The Trial of Viviane Amsalem is Viviane’s attempt to require her husband to initiate these divorce proceedings, as she cannot simply leave him with her rights (including the right to remarry) intact.

The entire film takes place in a small courtroom. Over many years, Viviane returns to this courtroom with her lawyer to face the three judges that can, if sufficient reason is provided, force Elisha to sign a document of divorce. Sometimes Elisha comes, and sometimes he does not. Given the law’s clear advantage toward the husband, the inner absurdities of the process and... Read More

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