Zachary Thomas Settle:  And Now He’s Alone: Season 5, Episode 15 Walter White is in decay, and he has been for some time now. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse, though, while Walt, or should I say Mr. Lambert, was in New Hampshire. While we remain uncertain of the situation with Walt’s cancer, there can be no doubt that Walt is in a state of physical decay. Perhaps the canned foods in the cabin weren’t as appealing as the dinners Skyler used to cook,... Read More

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Season 5, Episode 13

Zachary Thomas Settle: Redemption’s Brief Encounter with Justice: Season 5, Episode 13 Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad caught me off guard. What’s impressive to me about last night’s episode is the way that all of the details and mechanics of the narrative came together so brilliantly. Each piece was meticulously placed in a moving form, and every aspect was seamlessly drawn together. Hank’s method of luring Walt to his money was intriguing: the only way to trap... Read More


Zachary Thomas Settle:  Feeling for Justice: Season 5, Episode 12 Last night’s Breaking Bad episode, “Rabid Dog,” picks up right where the previous episode left off: with Jesse dousing Walt’s house in gasoline. This episode, though, begins with Walt’s perspective, and we watch in eager anticipation as he frantically searches for Jesse. The most interesting thing to me about last night’s show, though, was how disappointed I was when Walt didn’t find Jesse at... Read More

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Season 5, Episode 11

Zachary Thomas Settle: Faithful to the End: Season 5, Episode 11 Lauren wrote last week on the idea of sin, as its represented in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad, as a sort of commitment, a commitment that one has to honor. I think Lauren is right. Walt, is a man of utter faithfulness; he sticks to his guns like he does his stories, and he follows through with that which he starts. The most interesting thing to me about this proposal, though, lies in the examination of that... Read More

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Episode 10

Zachary Thomas Settle: All the Way Down the Rabbit Hole: Season 5, Episode 10 One of the most interesting things about the public’s reception of Breaking Bad is its overwhelming dislike of Skyler White; no other character has motivated such harsh critiques. I have to say, though, that Skyler has been one of my favorite characters since she found out the truth about Walt’s cooking meth. I am fascinated with Skyler because she has always been a survivor. In last night’s episode,... Read More

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Season 5, Episode 9

Zachary Thomas Settle: The Beginning of the End: Season 5, Episode 9 The beginning of episode 9 of the fifth season of Breaking Bad reminded us why this show is so incredibly unique. The opening shot of skateboarders in the White’s abandoned pool and Walt’s terrifying greeting to his neighbor once again signify that Walt’s downfall is inevitable. In typical Vince Gilligan fashion, we were told from the beginning that Breaking Bad is a show about change and consequence; we... Read More

Breaking Bad Roundtable

Hello all. I’m excited to announce that The Other Journal is staring a new series in conjunction with the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. We will be reviewing and discussing the show weekly, after each episode airs, in hopes of cultivating a fruitful and beneficial conversation about theology, culture, media and all things Breaking Bad.  The Other Journal has always valued cultural engagement and considered it to be a primary task of Christians living in the twenty-first... Read More