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Poser Christianity

Brett McCracken. Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 2010. 255 pages. $10.87 paperback (Amazon). Click here or on the image below to purchase Hipster Christianity from Amazon.com and help support The Other Journal. When I was a teenager, I was religiously devoted to freestyle BMX: flatland, street, vert, all of it. It was my first real experience of something like a spiritual discipline. Every spare moment was spent on my bike;... Read More

Between Sojourners and the Simple Way? Rethinking Radical, Evangelical Politics in ’08 with John Howard Yoder

So here we are: The children of the moral majority have finally grown up and moved out of the house. Many of us are now questioning our evangelical subculture’s take on morality and whether being in the majority is something to be desired. We saw that many of our fellow church members got what they wanted when George W. Bush became President in 2000, but are dismayed at the fruit of this victory: a greater disparity between rich and poor, a unilateral war that has cost hundreds... Read More

Dish Water, Smart Bombs, and Life Together: A Conversation With Shane Claiborne

BECKY: Shane, I’m interested in what you had to say in your book about the difference between normal and ordinary. It seems as though you make a distinction between the two, identifying normalcy as something that is not revolutionary, and ordinary as actually being something extraordinary. Can you explain this? SHANE: Well, the subtitle to my book is “living as an ordinary radical.”1 The thing that I think is so important is to put those words together—ordinary... Read More