Over the years the churchandpomo blog has hosted some lively conversations in a space between the academy and the church, between theory and practice. While a couple of important books—by Christian Scharen and Norman Wirzba—will still appear in the series, time has come to wind down the blog.

I am grateful for those who have faithfully contributed over the years. But I especially want to thank two people who championed the project and gladly took on the logistical burdens. In the first half of the blog’s life, Geoff Holsclaw oversaw things with passion and energy. In the last several years, that work was taken over by Chad Lakies, a quiet but faithful champion not just of the blog but of the conversations we wanted to foster. Both curated a space that had an important role to play. Thanks to them both.

Thanks to theotherjournal for hosting the blog these past few years. Baker Academic’s ongoing support in sponsoring churchandpomo has created the space for this valuable conversation — they too deserve thanks.

And thanks to readers of both the books and blogs. As we’ve all moved to other online environs, I’m grateful for the lessons I learned in this space along the way.

James K.A. Smith