Brett Beasley

Runners and Losers

Brett Beasley finds that the marathon is the sport of those humble creatures who fail, but it is watched by those who still think that they are heroes.

David K. Wheeler

Some Holy Ghost

Several pieces displayed in an art museum exhume the challenging past that led one young poet to a renewed sense of faith.

Luke Bretherton

From London to Durham: A Theological Peregrination

Taking London, England, and Durham, North Carolina, as geographical and narrative bookends, Luke Bretherton looks at the history of movement between these two locations as a step toward making sense of his own recent move from London to Durham. By situating his own work on community organizing within this flow of movements, or peregrinations, between the two cities, Bretherton provides a historical and theological argument for a constructive relationship between Christianity and democratic politics.

Chad Lakies

Podcast with Daniel Bell on Capitalism and Desire

(Due to a scheduling error, this is just posting today, but it should have posted on Thursday. Our apologies.) Last November saw the release of the excellent and illuminating (and convicting) book by Daniel Bell Jr.,–the latest in the Church and Postmodern Culture Series–The Economy of Desire: Christianity and Capitalism in a Postmodern World. Bell’s […]

Joshua Busman

Keep Your Hands To Yourself (Especially If They’re Praying…)

Over the past several days, I have seen at least two dozen friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter post a link to this web comic from The Oatmeal entitled “How To Suck at Your Religion.” This comic, written by Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman, was re-posted several times by friends of mine who are atheists and agnostics […]