Peter Boumgarden

Making Culture in the Consumption Echo-Chamber

This piece explores the social psychology of judgment, how this affects our evaluation of film, and how such influences might be mined for their theological significance.

James K. A. Smith

A Farewell with Thanks

Over the years the churchandpomo blog has hosted some lively conversations in a space between the academy and the church, between theory and practice. While a couple of important books—by Christian Scharen and Norman Wirzba—will still appear in the series, time has come to wind down the blog. I am grateful for those who have […]

Daniel P. Rhodes

Mittopian Dreams

From Dan Rhodes :: Editor-in-Chief. In a recent interview, Mitt Romney once again displayed how sore a loser he is by emphatically declaring that had he been elected president he would be doing a much better job than Obama. It is clear that his ego is matched only by his inability to conceive of things not […]

David A. Garner

The Briefing: All-Star Game Edition

Every year Praxis editor Matthew Shedden (@sheddenm) live tweets the MLB All-Star game as well as puts together a Briefing of interesting links and articles for the midpoint of the season. If you’re made this far into the ASG Briefing but are still skeptical, Will Leitch points out a special thing about the MLB ASG: I love that the […]

Timothy K. Snyder

Theological Ethnography: Embodied

Over the past several decades, theologians have turned to new methodologies to better understand how cultural situations shape lived faith and, in particular, the church. While these new methodologies have their origins in the social sciences, their adoption by theologians has both complicated and constructed new theological thinking for contemporary ecclesiology. This essay traces the […]

Lauren Wilford, Robert Andrew Norman, Zach Hoag, Zachary Thomas Settle

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Season 5, Episode 13

Zachary Thomas Settle: Redemption’s Brief Encounter with Justice: Season 5, Episode 13 Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad caught me off guard. What’s impressive to me about last night’s episode is the way that all of the details and mechanics of the narrative came together so brilliantly. Each piece was meticulously placed in a moving form, […]

Lauren Wilford, Robert Andrew Norman, Zach Hoag, Zachary Thomas Settle

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Season 5, Episode 11

Zachary Thomas Settle: Faithful to the End: Season 5, Episode 11 Lauren wrote last week on the idea of sin, as its represented in the last few episodes of Breaking Bad, as a sort of commitment, a commitment that one has to honor. I think Lauren is right. Walt, is a man of utter faithfulness; […]

Zachary Thomas Settle

Breaking Bad Roundtable: Episode 10

Zachary Thomas Settle: All the Way Down the Rabbit Hole: Season 5, Episode 10 One of the most interesting things about the public’s reception of Breaking Bad is its overwhelming dislike of Skyler White; no other character has motivated such harsh critiques. I have to say, though, that Skyler has been one of my favorite […]