Tripp York

Jesus, Stop Suffering God. It’s Embarrassing and ‘Does’ Nothing.

One of my friends, whom I admire deeply, posted the following quote in light of the Connecticut shootings: “Only a suffering God can help.” (Bonhoeffer) For oh so many reasons, I really, really loathe that quote. It sure sounds potent, and, I guess for some, it’s comforting (I can’t quite figure that out, but hey, […]

Jacob H. Friesenhahn

Evil, the New Atheism, and the God of the Trinity

Von Balthasar’s theology of the Trinity provides a compelling framework in which Christians can engage the problem of evil, including its recent formulations by the New Atheism.

Paul Hobbs

By Name

In this piece, Paul Hobbs explores the difference between seeing humanity as interconnected and seeing humanity as a number of disposable and replaceable units.

Carole Baker, Paul J. Griffiths

To Be or Not To Be: An Interview with Paul Griffiths

In this interview Paul Griffiths discusses the contours of a Christian understanding of evil—what it is, what it isn’t, and how Christians can acknowledge it without succumbing to it.

Branson Parler

Overcoming Lamech: Lament as Antidote to Violence

In response to evil Christ-centered lament is a performative action that both acknowledges the evil and injustice present in the world and simultaneously defuses our vengeful feelings by focusing on the sacrifice of Christ.

Kevin Austin, Sarah Janci Perez

Not For Sale: An Interview with Kevin Austin

Kevin Austin discusses the evil of modern-day slavery in morphing persons into things, slavery’s prevalence in our own communities, and the future hope for ending slavery through the work of modern-day abolitionists.