Dennis Vannatta

Fortunate Fall

Dennis Vannatta tells a story about confronting one’s past—and then one’s future.

Rita Willett


Rita Willet tells the story of Guy and his unconventional journey to baptism.

Alex McCauley

Tax Season

A bathroom rendezvous ends in karaoke.

Schuy R. Weishaar

The Dyslexic Jew

I A dilapidated yellow ice cream truck parked outside the fenced microwave tower, about a mile outside the tiny township of Cisco, Illinois. Aside from the few silver grain silos and the blinking elevator at the Co-op in town, the buzzing tower was the only vertical sign of human progress in the expanse of corn, […]

Allison Backous, Ron Hansen

Graced Occasions: An Interview with Ron Hansen

Ron Hansen’s fiction is tight and rich. Each of Hansen’s writings carries a certain arc: the plains of the American West, the sanctuary of a hushed convent, and the frenzied deck of theDeutschland are both terse and beautiful, places where redemption is particularly fitted to each character’s peculiar, compelling humanity. In this interview, Hansen talks […]