Jonathan Hiskes

Survival Mode

Jonathan Hiskes considers habits of numbness and rest and his love for Frac.

David A. Garner

The Briefing 7.9.15

The blog Faith and Theology asks, “What is the opposite of faith?” Let’s start with the Protestant no-no: works. We are justified, put right with God not by works but by faith, faith alone – sola fide – isn’t that, as Luther put it, the doctrine by which the church stands or falls? And wouldn’t […]

Libby Swope Wiersema


The poet Libby Swope Wiersema writes on grief and healing.

Brett David Potter

David Bazan on tour

I’ll keep it short and sweet – going to a David Bazan house show is a sublime experience. My wife and I went to one in Bellingham, WA a few years back (right after “Curse Your Branches” came out) and it was incredible; we had seen him perform before with Pedro the Lion in clubs, […]

Bruce Benson

Book Symposium: Liturgy as a Way of Life (Benson’s Response to Phillips)

Following up on Monday’s opening review of Bruce Ellis Benson’s Liturgy as a Way of Life by Ed Phillips, Bruce offers his response below. —————- First, I want to thank Ed Phillips for such a thoughtful response to my book. It’s always a pleasure to respond to reviewers who have interacted with one’s work at […]

Laura Lynn Brown

Learning to Pray

Laura Brown strings together snippets of memory from the “ragtag communities” that have taught her how to stitch her own “book of common prayers.”