Jo-Ann Badley

The Songs of Mary and Paul

Jo-Ann Badley writes about how even Mary, pregnant with God by the Holy Spirit, still needs a man to get the recognition she deserves from Protestants.

Chris E. W. Green

How God Becomes Human

Chris E. W. Green offers an advent meditation on what it means for God to come into the world through our labors.

Tripp York

Here Comes the Eunuch All Dressed in a (not-so-white) Tunic

It’s really tricky to find a solid rhyme for the word ‘eunuch’. The word ‘futtock’ may be my favorite. Anyway. While I was a T.A. for Will Willimon at Duke, I recall him saying something to the effect that until the church starts saying ‘no’ to heterosexual marriages it will not make any sense for […]

Brian J. Walsh

Screwing with Idols: A Targum (Romans 1:16-32)

In this targum of Romans 1:16-32, Brian J. Walsh offers a creative and contemporary interpretation of a portion of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Christian community in Rome.