Becky Crook

Dish Water, Smart Bombs, and Life Together: A Conversation With Shane Claiborne

BECKY: Shane, I’m interested in what you had to say in your book about the difference between normal and ordinary. It seems as though you make a distinction between the two, identifying normalcy as something that is not revolutionary, and ordinary as actually being something extraordinary. Can you explain this? SHANE: Well, the subtitle to my book […]

Becky Crook


The Storyteller sat at the stern, usurped the silent figurehead, addressed expectant oarsmen, spoke words that dropped like cascades through a canyon, like light across a ledge, like the silent sinking of skipping stones; told honest tales of half-deceptions— the easy-forwards, the frictive backstrokes of the drifting way; told of the flowing ebb of changing […]

Becky Crook, The Good Foot Performing Arts Company

Hip Hop Artists The Blue Scholars and Good Foot: Voices in the Urban Wilderness

After 12+ years of Sunday school lessons, wondering what this “good news” stuff is all about, in June, I walked into a concert at the Showbox and witnessed what the kingdom of God really looks like. It’s colorful. Surprising. And musically delightful. The soul-piercing message was delivered from the pulpit by unlikely prophets: a Persian-American […]

Becky Crook, Paul J. Willis

Creatures of Place: An Interview with Poet Paul Willis

TOJ: Could you describe what the process of writing a poem is for you? PW: The process feels like a necessary release. Wordsworth’s way of describing a poem as a “spontaneous overflow” gets it right. Of course, revision must follow—and often, lots of it. Then comes the determination of whether the poem is any good, […]