Issue 33: Reimagination

Joanne Nelson

How the Water Holds Us

Joanne Nelson wanders and wonders through tributaries of watery connections.

Jonathan Hiskes

Survival Mode

Jonathan Hiskes considers habits of numbness and rest and his love for Frac.

Megan Hamilton

A History in Bridges

Megan Hamilton retells stories of her small town through some of its least-noticed structures.

Julie L. Moore

Underground Railroad

Julie L. Moore imagines what the underground railroad might say if it could speak.

Caroline Stowell

Cultural Infusion

Caroline Stowell learns the difference between loving and converting.

Sonja Livingston


Sonja Livingston contemplates junior high, Blondie, and what it means to be saved.

Heather M. Surls

Say Trinity

Heather M. Surls wrestles with untamable glory and mystery.

Shelby Poulin

The New Communion

Shelby Poulin imagines church, humbled and stripped-back.

Laura Anella Johnson


Laura Anella Johnson writes of remembering and forgetting the work of God.

Christina Lee Barnes


Christina Lee Barnes contemplates an unconventional kind of motherhood.

Christina Lee Barnes

Watts Towers

Christina Lee Barnes draws inspiration from a Los Angeles folk-art landmark.

Zachary Thomas Settle

The Other Review: What’s a Body?

Zachary Thomas Settle brings Paul Griffith’s Christian Flesh into conversation with Natalie Carnes’ Motherhood.

Joy Moore


Joy Moore observes a bird begging for food in the wrong place.